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Tunstall has been creating innovative products and services to help older people and those with long-term needs live life to the full for over 50 years.

Our ongoing investment in R&D coupled with our comprehensive customer insight programme sustains this heritage of innovation, and means we remain at the forefront of providing new solutions which maximise the possibilities presented by the next generation of telehealthcare solutions.

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Communicall Vi IP

Communicall Vi IP not only provides new services but the digital platform to enable future service development and provision.

Stylish, contemporary IP phones in each dwelling are linked by Cat 6 cabling to a centrally located control unit. The phones can be used to make free on-site calls to other residents and on-site services, as well as providing video door entry and speech communication in the event of an alarm call.

The optional Room Radio Gateway (RRG) connects any wired devices such as pullcords and transmits the alarm signals to the radio receivers. The system will support pendants and a wide range of telecare devices as required by each resident. The radio receivers form part of the dedicated social alarm radio infrastructure which delivers the alarm data to the Control Unit.

The Control Unit can direct alarm calls to onsite DECT handsets or offsite to a monitoring centre. It is connected to both analogue telephony and digital services (broadband/fibre). Battery backup is provided centrally and locally to each network switch that provides power over Ethernet (POE).


myworld has been developed following in-depth research and is primarily for people who are unfamiliar with technology – particularly older people and people requiring long-term support residing in communal housing and assisted living settings. 

With myworld, residents can:

  • Manage appointments, such as care visits or property repairs
  • Control meal orders and other services
  • Get involved in social events and develop skills
  • Send/receive messages/emails to keep in touch with family and friends
  • Access a photo gallery and information, such as a calendar and news

myworld is not just about the tablet; we offer a whole package of installation, training, data hosting and service support to ensure providers and residents make the most of the myworld experience. 

myclinic II 

myclinic II is a portable, multi-user telehealth system that enables multiple patients to access their individual telehealth monitoring programmes using shared equipment in a communal location.

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