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Tunstall has created a range of tools to support our customers, including online resources accessible
24 hours a day.

Telehealthcare Training Tool

The Telehealthcare Training Tool (TTT) is a web-based, modular learning facility designed to develop the users’ telecare assessment skills. This practical learning experience guides the user through a number of assessment scenarios, and through role play and virtual simulation of real life examples, you will gain the knowledge, experience and confidence to prescribe a range of telecare sensors.

To access the Telehealthcare Training Tool click here
To request a user name and password contact us

Telehealth Online Resource Centre

Tunstall's Telehealth Online Resource Centre (TORC) contains important information such as best practice guidelines, telehealth-related documentation, policy procedures, links to relevant documents, IT support, returns procedures, case studies, government strategy policy documents and engineer support.

To access TORC click here
To request a user name and password contact us

Programming Guides and User Manuals

Programming guides and user manuals for currently supported Tunstall telecare products are available for our customers to download.

To access the Programming and User Guides click here.
To request a user name and password contact us

Image Bank

Tunstall has a bank of images available for use by our customers featuring our range of telecare and telehealth solutions.

To access the Image Bank click here
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