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Tunstall Healthcare and CSL DualCom partner to enhance protection for residents in grouped housing schemes

Posted: 6/25/2014 2:49:40 PM

Tunstall Healthcare, the leading provider of technology enabled care services, has signed an agreement with European critical connectivity company, CSL DualCom, to deploy the DualCom SafeLink® network monitoring device as part of its provision to housing and social care providers.


SafeLink is a small device that can be fitted to any community alarm panel to ensure the reliable protection of people and property by monitoring telephone lines and providing a secondary secure communication pathway using any available GPRS mobile network.


In grouped living environments, such as sheltered housing schemes, it is standard practice for community alarm equipment and fire alarm systems to share the use of a single telephone landline. If this line is already in use, any calls raised by the fire alarm panel can only be answered after the original call has been hung up. This will result in valuable time elapsing and causing delays in attendance of the emergency services to deal with any potential fire.


If a fire is detected and the alarm system triggered, SafeLink will signal an alert to the monitoring centre via the secure mobile network, regardless of whether the telephone line is in use or even out of service. SafeLink can monitor up to 12 separate inputs or system applications, and a single SafeLink installation can monitor community alarm equipment, fire alarm systems, security alarms and more.


The system can also be used in multi-occupancy dwellings such as tower blocks to monitor fire alarms, security systems and lifts, without the need to install or rent another telephone line. It also gives PNC monitoring centres the ability to monitor alarms directly without the need for a third party provider, opening up opportunities to develop new revenue streams.


SafeLink is supplied with CSL’s unique WorldSIM®, enabling full roaming between all available mobile networks for added reliability. The WorldSIM’s ability to roam to any mobile network - based on signal availability - rather than a network provider’s preferred steering agreements, offers the most reliable Voice and GPRS data communication service available in the healthcare sector.


Tony Walker, Director of Sales Operations, Tunstall commented:

We are constantly searching for new innovations that improve the safety of residents and durability of our systems. Our alliance with CSL DualCom adds a new dimension to our integrated services that offers reliability and value for money, resulting in enhanced outcomes for the individual.

 Phil Hollett, Group CEO, CSL DualCom Group added:

This partnership will take our market leading Critical Connectivity® to a wider audience and we look forward to working in the telecare industry with Tunstall and supporting them in any geography required.

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