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Tunstall launches Advisory Service to maximise benefits of technology in housing, health and social care

Straightforward telehealthcare advice service will support clients in the design, delivery and sustainability of telehealthcare programmes

Posted: 7/15/2014 11:45:10 AM

Tunstall Healthcare, the leading provider of technology enabled care services, has launched a new advisory service to help commissioners and providers navigate a clear path towards the mainstream implementation of technology, in order to realise the many benefits of telehealthcare.

Health, housing and social care services are under an increasing amount of pressure. According to NHS England, nearly a third of patients aged 75 or over have two or more long-term conditions; the overall cost of care for a person with multiple conditions is £2,500 per year. In light of this, there is call for innovative service models that can support people effectively in the community, avoiding the need for more costly interventions.

The Tunstall Advisory Service is managed by a team of specialists that combine extensive clinical experience, qualified training representatives, telehealthcare experts and business intelligence to help providers utilise technology successfully. They offer a range of provisions including:

  • Designing and delivering technology enabled care services including telehealthcare
  • Providing guidance to smooth out the deployment process
  • Accelerating the benefits for patients and providers
  • Creating sustainable services which are focused on outcomes

Tunstall is the first telehealthcare provider to create a multi-faceted team dedicated to helping commissioners and providers embed technologies into their services, increasing their capacity to deliver community-based care.

Lee Hawksworth, Head of Strategic Services at Tunstall, said:

Tunstall has been delivering pioneering solutions for more than 50 years, and has a long and successful track record in supporting the management of long-term conditions, delivering some of the UK’s largest services. Working in partnership with health, housing and social care providers we have transformed the experience of thousands of professionals and empowered millions of service users.

As a British company operating worldwide, we’re passionate about sharing our experience and expertise with organisations around the globe, making a real and positive difference to people’s lives, every day.

With the Tunstall Advisory Service, providers are able to create a programme of practical support that is tailored to meet individual requirements, whether they are seeking to embark upon a new initiative, or optimise an existing service.

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