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Shropshire Council partners with Tunstall Advisory Service for assistive technology programme

Council is consulting with the advisory service to support the design, delivery and sustainability of its Adult Social Care programme for independent living

Posted: 9/15/2014 3:08:47 PM

Shropshire Council has created a collaborative partnership with the Tunstall Advisory Service, which is central to its assistive technology strategy, and a key part of the council’s plans to transform adult social care by maximising personal independence through reduced reliance on traditional services.

Shropshire has an aging population with one in four adults currently over the age of 65. As the number of people using Adult Social Care (ASC) rises each year, the council is committed to supporting the growing number of people with long-term health and care needs in a sustainable way.

The council recognises the need for people to access the most appropriate support, as quickly as possible, making best use of available community resources, and a simplified approach to information giving and assessment. As well as continuing to increase independence and wellbeing for users, this partnership will ensure a more personalised focus for individuals, by combining the right technological solutions with the right local support.

Shropshire Council currently offers assistive technology through its telecare service, to support independent living, facilitate early intervention and reduce unnecessary hospital admissions. By working with Tunstall in this way, the council is making sure that local people can access the latest technology to help themselves or their family independently, or as part of wider package of care and support.

Shropshire Council will use the Tunstall Advisory Service (TAS) to develop a programme that will optimise telecare pathways and processes by building on existing resources. Tunstall will work with the council in the support and development of staff skills, and help to build overall programme awareness.

Councillor Lee Chapman, Shropshire Council Cabinet member for adult social care, said:

As part of our vision to make Shropshire a place where people can live safely and independently in a place of their choice, we are committed to working in a collaborative partnership with Tunstall Healthcare. Through the development of an enhanced assistive technology strategy, we can combine the right technological solutions with local support, to achieve our aim of enabling local people to have the freedom to live their lives to the full.

Kevin Alderson, Public Policy Director for Tunstall, commented:

The Tunstall Advisory Service consists of a team of specialists that combine qualified training representatives, telehealthcare experts and business intelligence to help providers utilise technology successfully, and increase their capacity to deliver community-based care.

Representatives from Shropshire Council and Tunstall will be discussing their partnership at the ‘Embracing Assistive Technology in Shropshire’ event taking place on Wednesday 17th September 2014 at Shirehall, Shrewsbury.

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