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Technology enabled care services critical to delivering life-changing support

New paper identifies key benefits of implementing technology to integrate care services, current barriers to deployment, and recommendations to overcome them

Posted: 9/17/2014 11:00:05 AM

The Good Governance Institute (GGI), together with Tunstall Healthcare, has launched a new discussion paper “Keeping the NHS Great, Delivering Technology Care Enabled Services” which looks at the barriers to the deployment of technology enabled care services and makes recommendations for policy makers.

Technology enabled care services* (TECS) such as telecare and telehealth, can be life-changing not only for the individual, but for family, carers and the professionals involved in their care. But the overwhelming conclusion of an expert group brought together by GGI was that there needs to be a system-wide cultural change in order to overcome the barriers of adopting TECS and to mainstream the use of technology to support health and care delivery.

The experts recommended that there needs to be:

  • System wide transformation and cultural change
  • Aligned incentives, pooled budgets and outcome based commissioning
  • Evidence best practice and evidence review
  • A national awareness and patient empowerment programme with a personal technology Czar

Stephanie Elsy, GGI Associate and co-author of the report added:

If TECS was life-saving cancer treatment, people would be rightly furious that they could not get treatment. This technology transforms and saves patients’ lives but is being put in the too difficult box. Put simply, this resistance to change is stopping people getting the support they need to have a better life.

Ali Rogan, External Affairs Director at Tunstall and co-author of the paper says:

One of the major barriers to adoption of TECS has been the inflexible and perverse incentives in the current system. Plans to introduce a ‘year of care’ tariff for patients with long-term conditions and the Better Care Fund should ensure that the current payment system is re-aligned, at least in part, to encourage more preventative methods of health and social care. In addition, it should put the person at the centre of their care, which is greatly needed.

The ‘Keeping the NHS Great, Delivering Technology Care Enabled Services” discussion paper is available for download here. It will be launched at both the Labour and Conservative party conferences. For information, please contact the report authors.

You can also find summary slides here

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