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Tunstall expands global mobile health portfolio

Exclusive partnership with Tactio Health Group adds Supported Self-Management to Tunstall’s Active Health Management programme

Posted: 11/10/2014 3:12:32 PM

Tunstall Healthcare, in an exclusive partnership with Tactio Health Group, has launched a new app based solution to improve shared decision making in health and social care. Adding mobile solutions to its digital health portfolio, Tunstall’s apps will enable professionals to re-define the care experience and expand the number of care facilities including the patient’s location of choice.

The traditional, passive approach to healthcare, initiated by the patient visit to the GP, is becoming increasingly unaffordable. Active health management is needed so that health and care professionals can cost effectively manage a wider spectrum of patients and conditions, with full confidence in the data and reports generated for the individual.  Tunstall’s solution includes tools that allow data and reports to be appended to the patient record, and there are plans to make these solutions interoperable with GP systems and EPRs.

Self-management through apps is not unique but “Supported Self-Management” is; it allows health and care professionals to encourage patients to participate in managing their own health as they work to achieve their individual goals. The mPro app has been designed for care professionals to support patients who download the mTrax app onto their own smart phone or tablet, keeping track of mood, sleep, nutrition, pregnancy, weight, body fat, steps, physical activity, blood pressure, SpO2, cholesterol, glucose, body temperature and diabetes (Type 1, Type 2 & Gestational).

Tunstall Active Health Management offers programmes that can be adapted to the needs of the individual as their circumstances change. These range from supported self-management to the more traditional clinically monitored telehealth solutions, when additional support is needed. Programmes designed by health and care professionals and supported by Tunstall’s extensive experience in telehealthcare, can help people stay heathy for longer and make choices about how to manage or improve their health and wellness.

Cecilia Bufton, Group Product Management Director at Tunstall said:

We have been evaluating the use of apps and other similar ‘light touch’ approaches to telehealthcare for a number of years and have not found anything that meets our customers’ requirements. The majority have limitations such as relying on SMS text only, with no safe audit trail of messaging however I’m pleased to say that our partnership with Tactio gives us a comprehensive solution.

Working on both Android and Apple, including the new AppleHealthKit on iOS 8, the flexibility of the system allows you to see real-time key health and fitness indicators together, in an easy, flexible format. This is about improving lives and putting people in control of their own care and Active Health Management. It is aboutcreating a shift from reactive care to cost-effective active care.

Michel Nadeau, P.Eng,President, CEO and Founderof Tactio Health Group, added:

I wanted to work in partnership with a global leader and expand our offering into new territories. Tunstall has decades of expertise in telehealthin global care marketsand our integrated product and service offering enables us to address new preventive healthcare market segments, by meeting the needs of the empowered patient and ultimately changing lives for millions of people. This element of democratising healthcare worldwide is at the very foundation of Tactio.

Tactio Health Group is a world leader in mobile health systems with millions using its mobile health applications on iOS and Android, enjoying the personal and family benefits of being supported to live a more active, healthier lifestyle.

The exclusive partnership will cover 11 of Tunstall’s main markets with the UK being first to launch. A number of Tunstall’s customers have already expressed keen interest in using a professional app based service and the first customer programmes will be available from December 2014, with more planned for 2015.

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