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Tunstall Sets Out Vision For 2020

Posted: 6/23/2015 9:18:26 AM

Tunstall Healthcare Group (‘Tunstall’ or ‘the Group’), the market leading provider of technology enabled care services, today outlines its vision and strategy for 2020.

As previously announced, Tunstall’s management team has been refreshing the Group’s strategy in the light of a detailed review of the Group’s operations and markets carried out in the Autumn of 2014. This review involved an in-depth independent assessment of the Group’s market positioning and potential, and provided a detailed evaluation of the opportunities facing the Group as a result of an accelerating global move to IP technology.

The review confirmed a number of core strengths for Tunstall that positions the Group to be leader in the development and delivery of new models of connected care for older people and those with long-term conditions wishing to live independently in a place of their choice. To capitalise on this growth opportunity, Tunstall has developed a detailed strategic five-year plan, Connected Healthcare 2020, at the core of which are four strands of activity: drive the transition to IP and mobile technology; extend the range of technology-enabled managed care services; develop new consumer propositions built on the reality of enhanced connectivity; and lead the move to provide integrated health and social care in the home environment.

Paul Stobart, Chief Executive Officer of Tunstall, said:

Tunstall is a leading business in its industry. For over 50 years, we have been developing innovative products and services, fostering enduring relationships with health and social care organisations all around the globe, and providing dedicated high-touch technology-enabled care in the home.  Our growth has been driven organically and through acquisition; we now have operations in 15 countries across six geographic regions. We have been guided by a single, passionately held, principle: to provide people with the freedom to live their lives as independently, happily, healthily and securely, as they are able, in a place of their choice.

The provision of technology-enabled care has changed dramatically over the past few decades; our innovative approach to product and service development has taken full advantage of changes in technology, and enabled us to develop and maintain relevant and compelling propositions for customers. Today, the advent of IP and mobile technology is creating another paradigm shift in our industry.  For the first time, our customers, the devices that protect and monitor them, and the carers and health professionals who look after them, can all be connected one to another in real time, all the time.  What this means is that new and integrated models of care become achievable, bringing patients, social care and healthcare providers closer together which, in turn, will lead to significant enhancements in the quality of care provided in the home.

Following an extensive review, we believe Tunstall has the scale, the innovation track record, the customer insight, and the drive to ensure we continue to lead our industry in the development and delivery of these new models of care. All these developments represent significant future growth opportunities for Tunstall.”

Connected Healthcare 2020

Our vision is to be the voice of support in the connected home: giving older people, and those with long term needs, the freedom to live their lives as independently, happily, healthily and securely as they are able, in a place of their choice.”

Tunstall’s core strengths

The Group has leadership positions in key connected care and health markets and is well established as a preferred partner for care providers, regulators, healthcare institutions and policy makers. Tunstall’s strong reputation is based on a set of core competences that provide a strong foundation for future growth:

  • Domain knowledge and global footprint

-       Over 50 years’ experience leveraging technology in the health and social care sectors

-       Established presence in 51 countries with a clear leadership in European markets

  • Strong relationships with customers and providers of health and care services

-       Trusted brand and long-term relationships with key policy makers and influencers

-       Key clients include local councils, municipalities, healthcare trusts, pharma, retailers, hospitals, GP surgeries

  • Innovation

-       Long-standing track record for product and service innovation

-       Leading the drive for new propositions in the consumer space

  • Integration and data aggregation

-       Deep understanding of both the health and social care worlds

-       Sophisticated software platform, integrating health and social care data

Strategy for 2020

The connected healthcare sector provides technology-enabled in-home care and health services to allow people to stay out of hospital or residential care and live independently, maintaining their quality of life for longer. The market is global, and growing, underpinned by the structural demographic trend of aging population on the one hand, and increasing demand for independent living solutions and home care on the other. In addition policy makers, social care providers and healthcare experts are all agreed that technology-enabled care in the home provides significant economic savings when compared to traditional models of hospital or residential home-based care.

The Group’s review confirmed a number of market trends that present a significant growth opportunity for Tunstall, given its unique market positioning. Accordingly the Group’s strategy will drive a series of important strands of activity which, taken together, will position Tunstall as a leading international provider of connected healthcare solutions.


1.   Leading the switch to IP

The increasing replacement of analogue systems with IP infrastructure is shaping a new environment for the delivery of care services. At the core of this new world is the Tunstall platform, running in the cloud, connecting to, managing the performance of, and delivering services to, a multiplicity of devices in the home and outside it.  The resultant connected world enables critical services, and data, to be made available in real time all the time to all those stakeholders interested in the welfare of the person receiving care: the family member, the carer, the health professional, and of course the care recipient. To take advantage of the switch to IP, Tunstall will increase its investment in its cloud-based platform and accelerate the development of IP and mobile enabled products and services.


2.   Extending managed services offer

The breadth of Tunstall’s services capability means that it is able to offer customers “end-to-end” services, from simple packaging of equipment and monitoring services in a rental contract, to fully outsourced programmes involving the management of the entire care service including assessment, equipment installation, maintenance, monitoring, activity planning, social engagement activities, provision of day care centres, nursing care, mobile care units, and so on. Demand for managed services contracts is increasing in line with the need for public sector authorities to provide better quality services at lower cost. Tunstall has extensive experience in this field and has pioneered much of the creativity in managed services in our sector.  The Group’s ongoing investment in IP and mobile technology will enable it to extend its managed services offer further, with a particular focus looking forward on integrating traditional social care provision with advanced prevention and intervention healthcare programmes.


3.   Developing new consumer propositions through innovation

Demand for high quality home care is increasing, driven by fewer dependents willing, or able, to act as carers, a desire on the part of the older generation to look after themselves at home, and growing familiarity with electronic devices and new smart technology. As a result, individuals are increasingly looking to fund their own care and the consumer market for connected healthcare is growing. Tunstall is strongly placed to develop relevant and compelling propositions in this space, marketed and through a number of channels including B2B, retail and the web.


4.   Developing new models of care through integration

There is an increased trend towards the co-ordination of health and social care. This is being driven in large part by policy makers coming to the conclusion, a little belatedly, that it makes sense for older people and those with long term conditions to have their health and social care data made available, appropriately, and bearing in mind patient confidentiality, to all stakeholders interested in the health and wellbeing of the individual.  Tunstall’s strong market position in both health and social care means it can become the go-to provider of technology-enabled, and connected, healthcare services.

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