Telehealthcare Delivery Model

The Tunstall LifeCare model has been designed to support integrated health and social care services in delivering a truly holistic model, where the individual is offered support which takes into account all of their health and social care needs within a single pathway. This not only improves the user experience but also rapidlly achieves operational efficiencies.

The benefits of telecare and telehealth have been now been proven, but in the past, many telecare and telehealth services have been delivered as pilots, working in isolation from mainstream pathways. The evidence now shows that in order to maximise the outcomes, services need to move to mainstream, large-scale delivery. However, this will require a radically different approach,challenging traditional boundaries in health and social care and re-envisioning the service user and professional experience.

We have structured our business functionality around helping customers to deliver a fully integrated approach, effectively embedding telehealthcare into the organisation’s culture. We work in partnership to redesign service delivery and care pathways in order to achieve broader strategic goals and generate financial efficiencies. 

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Read the case study on our service in Birmingham.


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